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GND offers web design suitable for smaller, non-data base driven websites, using a third party on-line web building platform called Wix (which was used to build this website).


Wix is used by over 90 million users world-wide, and while it is has it's limitations, overall it offers an extensive range of constantly upgraded features and optional apps. Wix operates on a low-cost, annual subscription basis, normally in tandem with your own ISP / hosting arrangements.


The beauty of the Wix platform is that once your website is built, it allows you to edit and change the website yourself, once you familiarise yourself with the Wix user interface, and using their extensive online help feature. Alternatively, GND can continue to manage changes to your website for the normal hourly rate.

A GND-built Wix website will give your business a snappy new web presence, and using one of the Wix apps, your google search ranking can be improved with a minimum of work. By all means give me a call to chat to about the possibilities, or visit www.wix.com for more info. Note: if your web needs exceed the capacity of Wix, GND is happy to refer you to local high-end web design and development provider.

GND currently does not offer social media services, but has experience createing correct format, individual or sets of campaign images, for designated platforms including Facebook, Instagram, e-news, etc.

www.glenroyosteopathyhub.com.au (glenroy osteopathy hub)


GND created the original branding for GOH, a start-up enterprise, offering high quality osteopathy care in Melbourne's north west. Osteopath Aidan Siandis was looking for a distinctive, fresh, clean and sophisticated look to reflect his personal, professional and high care approach, and had a certain aesthetic in mind.


more > GND also designed, edited Aidan's supplied text and images, and advice on how to go about photography and sourcing royalty-free images.

"Just logged in to the website. It’s all looking really good to me. I’m very impressed. All good from my end. Overall, I love it. I like the “less is more” approach and the consistency. Very user friendly and it all fits well." ​

Aidan Sianidis

Glenroy Osteopathy Hub.

www.tticambodia.com (TTIC - teacher training in cambodia)


GND created the original branding for TTIC, a not-for-profit organisation working on the ground to improve education in rural Cambodia. Using images from a personal trip to see TTIC at work, and applying the branding, GND designed and built the original website, which the client now maintains and updates remotely from anywhere in the world. 


more > GND helped the client with the copywriting for the site, as well as developing a navigation/pages plan.

Note: this website was built with an earlier versions of Wix's on-line editor. New, more exciting features are now available in the latest version.

“Thanks so much for guiding me through the process, and building a website that presents TTIC in a way that is engaging to the reader. I am rapt that I can make my own changes as I go. Wix was much easier to come to grips with than I thought!"  ​

Margot Marks

Director, TTIC



CCCT had no branding or previous website presence, and wanted a website that they could manage to update members, vehicle images, events etc. GND developed a look and feel based on a supplied metal members badge, and help CCCT develop a site plan they were happy with. 


more > GND wrote most of the copy based on supplied dot points, and provided CCCT's secretary with a couple of 'over the shoulder' familiarisation sessions with Wix.


Note: this website was built with an earlier versions of Wix's on-line editor. New, more exciting features are now available in the latest version.

“Thanks Grant. We have taken years to get a website, and your Wix solution has been perfect for our needs. Given my issues with new technologies, who'd have thought I would be able to successfully manage my own changes?  I now refer to myself as the 'Web Master'!" ​​


Ken Mansbridge

Secretary, CCCT


website (& branding, BOPP packaging, truck signage)

Specialty Mix were not happy with their existing website and the services of their web design provider. After extensive discussion about Specialty's needs, it was resolved that, while the extensive product listings suggested a database-backed web solution, there wasn't the budget for such a major build. GDN had created Specialty's new branding, BOPP packaging and truck signage, so armed with those resources, Specialty commissioned GND to develop a lower cost wesbite that would still freshen and smarten Specialty's presence to it's wholsale customers, while showcasing the exstensive lists of products, in an easily editable fashion.


more > GND developed a site plan in consultation with Specialty Mix, and wrote all the copy for the website based on the previous site and knowledge of the company. GND source additional animal images to complement the website.

“Thanks Grant!!!"  ​​


Paul Barnes

Specialty Mix Stockfeeds

social media images


GND has created social media images for a number of campaigns and individual applications. 

e-news headers and templates

turf australia / DPI victoria


GND has created both e-news header images, and full e-news templates. In the examples shown, existing branding needed to be applied or adapted to maintain corporate image. Template creation involves establishing font styles, colours, what column layout will apply, and image preparation suitable for email transmission.


website (& branding refresh, BOPP packaging, brochures, ads, display, banners)


Freemantle Stockfeeds wanted a website they could manage themselves. The website was to feature cost tables, blog, product images, and an extensive product menu. FS supplied most of the images. Due to the more complex nature of the site, GND referred FS to a third party web developer. GND designed the site plan and look and feel, and along the way worked closely with both FS, and the developers, to facilitate development, and bring the site to fruition (using a Wordpress platform). The developers providing the website hosting and ongoing support direct to FS.


more > GND wrote and/or edited the website written content, prepared images and acted as a go-between with FS and the developer to build the site. FS has been self-managing since day one.


"All good thank. Website going live this arvo – not problems so far!”


Mary Heddell

General Manager, Freemantle Stockfeeds

www.southern stockfeeds.com.au

website (& branding refresh, BOPP packaging, ads, signage, brochures, ads, display, merchandise)

Having designed Southern's new BOPP bag, including creating new branding elements, Southern commissioned GND to plan and facilitate the development of a new website presence. GND designed the look and feel of the site, and then liaised with Southern and a third party developer to build the site capacity required. The site includes the ability for Southern to log in and edit, plus a secure customer login area, a live weather link and blog feature.


more > GND created, sourced or adapted images for the site, in consulation with the developer and Southern.

webite design & build: grant nelson design 2016