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GND specialises in packaging design for the agriculture and horticulture industry, particularly for bulk animal feeds, including BOPP laminated and woven PP products.


Packaging is a specialist area of design which involves 3D issues, unique print production considerations and government regulations to address. 


Working closely with your preferred bag supplier (or a recommendation can be provided), GND can help guide you through the whole design and production process from start to finish, including 3D imaging of your next bag.

Importantly, GND brings a marketing focus to every design project - ultimately your new bag design is a marketing exercise designed to sell more product.


GND can also offer advice on branding (including a new or refreshed logo), establishing dimensions, sourcing images, writing copy, product range colour strategy and print options. GND also liaises with the suppliers to check proofs (if available) and deal with any issues arising in production.

green valley grains 

BOPP re-packaging (logo, display, brochures)

Green Valley Grains had an existing look and feel for their Open Range 20kg product. Together with a refresh of the logo, and a brief to maintain the visual link to the existing product, GND offered up a number of options from which the client chose the design shown. Images used combined existing ones, with new ones that needed to be sourced. A fresh colour strategy was also needed.


more > GND then applied this new look to A4 brochures, corflutes and pullup banners.This new look will be the basis for a gradual redesign of other product bags and promotional/display items.

"This is absolutely wonderful!! You’ve basically covered all options/ideas that I think the team would like to visualise! Yes I totally agree about using the Australian logo that you created. Thank you so much for your hard work on this Grant! I am so excited to start the next chapter of GVG moving forward." ​​


Megan McKenzie
Green Valley Grains / Eastern Distributors


BOPP packaging (& brochures, signage)

MultiCube wanted to upgrade the packaging for their unique hay cube product, from woven pp to a high market finish BOPP bag  basd on their existing logo. GND worked together with MultiCube to establish an overall immediate and longer term design direction, and then provided several initial design concepts for consideration. A preferred concept was refined and finalised for final printing.


more > GND helped with reorganising and improving the text content and messages, and coached MultiCube on getting their own product shots for use in the bag design, and subsequent Photoshopping.  GN also designed a unique 'Proudly Australian Grown & Produced' logo, and a matching 4 page brochure, along with a vinyl banner and corfulte sign design.

"Grant has been a pleasure to work with during the process of designing our new BOPP bags, brochures and signage. From our initial meeting through to the final design, everything has been explained, planned and delivered in a timely and professional manner. All of our products and advertising material look great and has really boosted out instore presence" ​​


Cameron Waters

milne feeds

BOPP packaging (& fact sheets, product booklet)

Milne Feeds wanted to update and improve the packaging on their existing and extensive Milne range of 25kg equine and animal feeds, and move from woven PP to high end BOPP packaging. Importantly, Milne was looking for a design that continued to reflect the product's 'mid range' market positioning but with a more sophisticated look. Equally importantly, for ongoing cost reasons, Milne wanted a distinctive design result that systematically and effectively used a minimum number of colours per bag, while establishing a strategy to vary those colours to create in-store differentiation for customers. GND provided an agreed number of design proposals for the range, and in consultation with Milne, refined the preferred concept to a final design, including a full colour strategy for application across the entire range. more > GND also helped Milne upgrade their related Fact Sheet documents to the new look, by providing InDesign templates for their ongoing in-house use, along with ongoing proof-checking support on their suppliers' final production proofs. GND also designed an A5 product booklet, including icons and sourced images.

"Implementing our new BOPP range over 17 product lines has been a huge project.  Grant has played a pivotal roll in the whole process; from his initial designs, which fit our brief perfectly, right through to advice on packaging layout, print formats and proofs.  He is a pleasure to deal with and his turnaround times on artwork are excellent.  The ongoing design support he provided has been invaluable."


Michelle Meylan

Equine Sales & Marketing Manager, Equine Nutrition Advisor

Milne Feeds (WA)

milne feeds (allstock)

BOPP packaging (& fact sheets)

Milne Feeds decided to also update its smaller Allstock range - the brief being to maintain a simple look, but with a fresher, more distinctive look, but based on existing colours for the range. GND explored a couple of options, all based on a low-cost, minimum colour range, with a more distinctive pastel look.  


more > Due to the state of the existing Allstock logo, GND undertook to recreate it in a format suitable for BOPP reproduction but also Milne's ongoing use.


specialty mix

BOPP packaging (& logo, slogan, truck signage, pdf promotions)

Specialty Mix were looking to upgrade their 20kg range of birdseeds from a simple woven pp bag, to something with more retail appeal utilising BOPP laminated, full colour material. Liaising with TMR Bags & Sacks (the bag producer) and SM, GND developed a new look series of bags based on SM's request for a simple but striking design with strong use of product-diferentiating colours. In addition, GND developed a new logo / brand for SM for this application, and prepared all final files to TMR's China-based print operation's specs.


more > GND also developed the slogan that sits with the logo / brand - 'The seed your bird needs'. Based on the BOPP bag graphics, GND also developed truck curtain designs for Specialty's latest member of it's delivery fleet.

"Thanks for the great work on our new bag designs - our sales have gone ‘kaboom’ since we changed over! We even had to put in a new plant to cope with the extra sales!”


Paul Barnes

Specialty Mix

james & son

BOPP packaging (& fact sheets)

James & Son wanted to redesign part of their equine feed range, with a view to carrying the same design to additional products as they came on line. This involved a complete new design and planning a full colour scheme across the range. GND submitted several proposals, all using the existing J&S logo, supplied product images and written content, with some link to the product-specific colours used previously. Overall, the goal was to create a distinctive, more appropriate look to J&S's position in the marketplace. Work included final prepress, liaising with bag producers (TMR), and their Chinese print operation. The final design was also adapted to produce a complimentary set of brochures and banners.


more >


GND sourced the horse image that forms the common background for each bag in the range. The final design was also adapted to produce a complimentary set of brochures and banners.

southern stockfeeds

BOPP packaging (& logo refresh, stationery, brochures, website)

Southern Stockfeeds had an existing logo which they wanted applied to a new design for BOPP packging of their stockfeed products. GND refined the logo, and created additional graphic elements (a 'sunburst') to create the fresh BOPP design.


more >


GND progressively applied the BOPP design elements to a range of stationery, signage, advertising, merchandise and one-off invitations etc. GND also facilitated the design of and building of the SS website. GND has also provided Word templates, printing and final art services for much of what has been produced for Southern Stockfeeds.

"Thanks for guiding us through the branding and marketing issues, and further enhancing our brand and market presence - we are really happy with the look and the process." ​​


David Jemmett

Southern Stockfeed

freemantle stock feeds

BOPP packaging (& logo refresh, stationery, brochures, website)

Freemantle Stockfeeds approached GND to design a complete new range of BOPP bags to present a fresh, quality-driven image to the market. The design needed to accommodate different bag dimensions for diferent products. GND continues to feed new products in the new design into the range.


more >  GND also reworked the exisiting Freemantle logo to promote a more sophisticated image for the company and its products. GND has also assisted with rewriting product copy for the BOPP bags and brochures, and in the planning, development of the Freemantle Stock Feeds website. GND continues to support Freemantle's with a variety of promotional advertising collateral.

"We are really happy with our updated look and the effort you have put in to getting a great result. You have always been so easy to work/communicate with, nothing is ever a problem." ​​


Graeme & Mary

Freemantle Stock Feeds

van de pol stockfeeds

logo, stationery, packaging & signage

The van de Pols required a new logo when they renamed Essendon Produce, to better reflect their business (retail and feed mill arms) and it's new direction. Focussing on their long family history and old-style Aussie values and service, GND based the logo on a photo of 'grandad' and a 'rising sun'-type effect, coupled with more modern, distinctive colours and type.  


more > 


GND created various logo variations to suit different requirements, and to provide VDPS with a 'bank' of files for their ongoing use. We then developed business cards, stationery and signage, followed by a new range of BOPP laminated feed bags, plus other items including shop and vehicle signage, ads, leaflets, brochures, invitations etc. GND provided the new name 'Pet, Horse & Farm', and provided input into all written content. Print was also provided – both digital and offset.

franklin custom feeds (equine pro)

BOPP packaging (& logo. letterhead, corflute signs)

Frankling Custom Feeds were wanting to develop a complete new presence for their equine range of feeds orientated to the equine professional market. GND suggested a brand name for the range might help promote the product in the market place, and came up with 'Equine Pro'. A fresh, snappy new look was designed, incorporating see through panels and an easily varied colour scheme for product differentiation, and prepared all final files to TMR's China-based print operation's specs.


more > GND also reworked the exisiting Frankling Custom Feed logo to enable it to better integrate with the new bag design.

"Thank you so very much for your dedication to our vision. We are thrilled with the end result, the eye catching design is professional and hits our target market perfectly." ​​


Lynne & Darren Frankling
Frankling Custom Feeds

franklin custom feeds (grain range)

BOPP packaging (& logo. letterhead, corflute signs)

Frankling Custom Feeds wanted to extend the repackaging to their four product grain range, including a 'generic' bag for multiple products. The brief was for the range to 'look different but similar' to the Equine Pro range (above), and include a 'see-through' window featured on the front of each design. The bags also needed to be designed in a way that minimised the number of cylinders involved in the printing, to keep the ongoing production costs down. GND worked with Frankling to subtlely reworked the Eqine Pro design to achieve the desired outcome. 


more > 


GND provided a series of animal illustrations, along with a line rendering of grain silos, to feature on the bags. GND also developed a colour strategy that introduced four new and different colours, but still complemented the Equine Pro colour range.

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