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understanding the purpose and developing a brief...
> customer focus
> branding
> clear benefit or outcome
> identify what is special 
> clear call to action
> minimise doubts or confusion

Brochures, flyers, leaflets and mailers can be an effective ways to provide product and service information at point of sale, as part of a overall campaign, or for specific, targeted distribution.


Most of the case studies below were based on existing branding, some were based on images and content supplied, while others were produced entirely from 'scratch'.

In most of these examples, GND helped the client clarify the marketing direction and/or informational objectives, developed themes and slogans, then wrote or re-wrote the text content (including restructuring headings and subheadings) and sourced appropriate royalty-free images.


GND also provided the final print on most of these items, via competitively priced trade suppliers.

south eastern melbourne medicare local

invitation / poster

SEMML wanted to produce an eye-carching, culturally appropriate invitation to their key event for Reconciliation Week 2015, to be ciculated in both print and pdf formats. There was no specific artistic direction other than the inclusion of stakeholder mandatories, and the turnaround needed to be 48 hours from start to finish. SEMML provided the core text and feature image of Deborah Cheetham AO - the rest was up to GND.


more > GND reworked the copy for better reader navigation and to fit the design layout. The feature illustration was created by GND after some quick Google research on imagery and colour. 


dentafind / inspired staffing

4pp brochures & web/email images

Dentafind/Inspire needed two complementary prospectus brochures done of an urgent campaign. Brief was only to include the relevant logos, with text supplied. Other than that, the client wanted 'something exciting and 'awardy''...  GND turned around first drafts in 24 hours, and amendments etc were finalised in the next 24 hours, with final pdfs and web/email images created. 


more > GND effectively created a 'branding' for this program, creating all graphic elements except the host logos, but using the logos to springboard choices of colours and type etc. GND searched for appropriate royalty-free images to use in the layout, and 'Photoshopped' them for effect. Supplied text was also reworked and reorganised slightly for better visual and navigation effect.

"Fantastic thank you for a quick turnaround and everyone is loving it."


Jo Burrows

Manager & Problem Solver

central highlands gp network

DL 3-fold brochures & poster

CHGPN wanted to produce a family of brochures and supporting poster to promote a variety of mental health support services under ATAPS funding. The design needed to complement existing CHGPN branding but at the same time present engagingly to the target demographic. Working closely with the assigned CHGPN Project Officer, GND developed design proposals and worked through an extensive amendment process. 


more > GND wrote the initial copy for all brochures, and proposed cover image and titling themes to best convey the subject to the target audience. GND also searched and provided all images. Once the brochures and poster were evolved to 'final' GND sourced, managed and supplied a mixture of offset and digital print solutions for each component.

citrus australia /agrihort communications

A5 brochure & poster


The task here was to communicate the importance of an effective method for Queensland fruit fly management to citrus growers, and support the efforts of CA officers in the field. The key to the design was to create a distinct, high-impact, relevant and clear set of messages to growers.AC senior editor provided the full brief, images and core content, which GND then reworked into and effective 4 page A5 brochure and accompanying poster, including final files to CA's printers. 


more >

After being briefed by AC, GND developed the grower-centric themes and call-to-action messages, and re-structured and re-wrote the content around the three step management process being promoted. 

james & son

A4 product brochures

J&S wanted to promote their new GND-designed BOPP packaging to their customers, retailers, trade shows and distributors. GND adapted the elements from the packaging, and worked closely with J&S to develop a set of multiple, companion brochures.


more > GND wrote the copy, and provided final press pdfs for printing.


pet horse & farm

A4 product brochure

PH&F wanted to promote their new GND-designed BOPP packaging to their retailers and distributors. Based strongly on the bag design, GND worked closely with PH&F to develop a single generic brochure that covered their product lines.


more > GND wrote the copy, and provided the photography that was used for the brochure, along with the final printed items. 

fight cancer foundation

invitation / e-mailer

FCF needed a quick invitation design for both a printed and e-mailed invitation. FCF supplied basic details, and a selection of images to choose from.

more > GND developed the look and feel to reflect other branding development, but with a distinctive look for this promotion. GND also sourced appropraite quality logos to replace tthe low res versions supplied. GND also prepared the written content, and developed it to 'final' with FCF.

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