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> understand the customer
> develop clear messages
> creative themes, slogans
> engaging words
> effective visual themes
> cross-collateral consistency
> have a clear call to action
> leave no questons or doubts

Developing campaign and advertising collateral usually involves establishing an written and/or visual overall theme, that is then applied to the required range of finished applications eg. posters, leafets, brochures, postcards, banners, display, signage, web and social media images. 


The approach to campaign creative involves establishing a full understanding of the purpose, audience and delivery of the final product range - along with how existing branding or campaign design elements are to be utilised or varied.


These understandings, along with any other informing factors and timelines, are critical in developing a design response that is both effective, and carries over into the required final applications.


Preparing advertisements is generally a result of working to a supplied size spec and technical requirements, relative to each individual host publication or web/social media platform (eg Instagram, Facebook, website), and an artwork deadline. 


Layout of written content, images and application of branding are all determined in discussion with the client, progress drafts prepared, then final art prepared to spec.

fight cancer foundation

fundraising campaigns (various) - direct mail, web, social media

GND was contracted to develop campaign creative and design for a series of regular fundraising campaigns involving direct mail (incl. lettershells, various gifts, response coupons etc), and complementary web, e-news and social media components. GND worked closely with the general manager, external direct mail consultant and internal web and social media staff to create the necessary final files to correct format.


more > GND re-developed and evolved branding in keeping with existing logo and branding guidelines, intertpreted evolving briefs, reworked response components of direct mail material, and liaised with multiple staff to ensure outcomes and correct final files.

fight cancer foundation

footy colours campaign - press ads, web, social media

GND was contracted to assist with preparation of artwork and web and social media images for FCF's Footy Colours campaign. The creative needed to reflect existing branding, images, style, fonts etc., and GND worked closely with the campaign manager to create the necessary final files in correct formats for both print and online media applications.


more > GND needed to rework and recreate the supplied images extensively in Photoshop etc to maintain the use of common elements across the different end requirements. Files were often required on short turnaround.

south eastern melbourne medicare local

Afghan Community Project - various informational & community resources

As part of a broader community project, SEMML commissioned GND to design and print produce a range of community resources to promote mental and general health access in the local Afghan refugee community. Direction and feedback came from a community working party, and SEMML. The aim was to create a look that would resonate with the target audience with the use of Afghan national colours, and create a sense of accessibility and support. Items included: calendar, postcards, DVD and educator storyboards. 


more > GND helped guide SEMML on a technology path with the translators to ensure efficient and accurate translation of selected text in all items, to create a final bi-lingual resource. GND also provided print and DVD duplication and packaging solutions.

"We want to say how much we have appreciated all the beautiful resources you have made for us! ... we have had so much fantastic feedback from the community and other providers."


Miitchell Bowden (Health Promotions Program Officer)

Ann Brazier (Senior Project Offcier)

Krystall Hall (Communications Manager)

olympus feeds

A4 press ad (& BOPP design, DL brochure)


Olympus were after a full page ad to go in an industry horse racing journal. Adapting the text and some design elements from an 8pp DL, GND added 3D renderings of the BOPP design for each of the products - both from previous GND projects.


more > GND suggested the slogan ‘When quality & performance matter’ to give the ad and product a bit more distinction, and created the 3D renderings required.


"Love the catch cry! This is brilliant Grant. Love it.”


Chelsea Munro

National Sales & Marketing, Olympus Feeds Australasia

north east valley division of general practice

ATAPS bushfire services DL & poster

In the wake of the bushfire tragedy of 2009, NEVDGP needed to develop a campaign to promote available government psychological and counselling services to both residents and health professionals in it's region, centering on the Kinglake area. NEVDGP felt developing a pair of DL brochures and a poster would be the best resource for making that information available. 


more > Importantly, these items needed to 'reach' the target demographic, so they needed to be presented in plain language, yet still get the message across while trying to overcome the fears and doubts of potential beneficiaries. GND wrote or rewrote all the content for the DLs, developed and sourced images and themes, and managed and provided print for all items.

"The Division is most appreciative of your ability to sensitively and engagingly develop these vital materials from the bare facts of the project. We have received much positive feedback from government and consumers, and interest from other Divisions to replicate your work. Many thanks." ​

Ken Mansbirdge
CEO, Noth East Valley Division of General Practice

connecting point

press advertising

As part of an ongoing campaign targeting schools, GND developed a campaign to deliver a strong point-of-difference look, based on evolving branding work, and 'expanded' testimonials. Advertising alternated between these ads, and a family of Apple product ads, which had a similar branded look, but in accord with Apple's own product advertising guidelines. Some of the ads were produced as A4 leaflets also.


more > Aside from developing the whole campaign theme, look and feel, GND wrote all copy, conducted subject interviews and took the photographs used in the testimonial ads. GND also liaised directly with the host magazine re deadlines and specifications.

"We are rapt with how you envisaged and pulled together these series of ads. The testimonial concept, liaising with our customer schools to take photographs and interview stakeholders, writing all the copy and putting together the final series of ads - we couldn't be happier and they have generated lots of enquiries."

Jim Vale, Managing Director, Connecting Point

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