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GND has provided design for all manner of items – one-off, paper printed, manufactured or published. The issues are usually the same as a 'regular' job - how does branding need to be applied, what resources are available (eg images), what is the colour output requirements, what quantity etc.


The difference is usually in establishing a specification, determining or sourcing the necessary technicalities (eg colour space, and unique considerations) and adapting the design approach to suit.


With the extensive range of boutique producers available, there is a usually a print or manufacturing solution out there somewhere - whether it is a low run digital exercise, large format, a manufactured item (eg key ring)...or something else.


GND has sourced all sorts of suppliers and liaises with them to ensure a quality end result that is cost-competitive and delivered on time. So, if you don't see what you are looking for on this website, it is worth asking - chances are GND can help. 



GND worked closely with the National Project Officer to provide an evolving range of interrelated, state-specific training documents, forms, resources and supporting collateral, involving both external and in-house print reproduction. Central to the exercise was binder pre-printed with generic inserts for cover, spine and eight tabbed divider. Documents were producted in a combination of Adobe InDesign (and pdf), and Microsoft Word formats, depending on the application and end-user functionallity required. The urgent nature of the work required regular out of hours and occasional on-site availablilty.

“Grant Nelson and his work are simply fantastic! He has worked closely with me to produce an extensive range of material for Australian Government funded national projects in the health sector for two organisations, including a major Melbourne teaching hospital. His skills, creativity and capacity to deliver within, at times, almost impossible timeframes, are such that I could not imagine any other graphic designer being able to achieve what he has for our projects.”  ​​


Clare Chiminello

Project Coordinator, National GP Education ProgramDecision Assist

key rings

brighton honda / suzuki / renault

Brighton Auto Group wanted an attractive key ring to present to new owners when they took possession of their new Brighton vehicle, or when a vehicle was presented for servicing for the first time. Based on the GND-developed branding for the Group, GND designed an chrome and enamel design.

more> GND sourced and liaised with a local supplier with international sources to deliver the final product to Brighton Auto Group. 

fridge magnets


Fridge magnets are a popular, low cost promotional item with a long ‘reminder life’. Available in a range of standard sizes or shapes (lower cost) or custom shapes (moderate additional cost). fridge magnets are usually based on existing artwork and branding. Some suppliers offer a brochure / magnet combination, which uses a glue dot to hold the magnet in place - ideal for letterbox or counter distribution. Fridge magnets vary in the thickness, finish (gloss or matt laminate) and quality - not all magnets are created equal!

stickers & labels


Stickers are a popular promotional item. Labels may form part of a packaging solution. In either case, careful consideration needs to be given to what environment the sticker is being used - principally outdoor (water proof, permanent?) or indoor (paper, non-permanent) - and what ink/finish is appropriate. There are a myriad of different adhesive stocks, printing methods and inks out there - and making sure you get the right one for the right purpose can be a minefield, even for the graphic professional. Not all stickers are created equal!! E.g. suppliers claiming to provide bumpers stickers may be using non-UV inks, short-life vinyls, or even totally unsuitable laminated paper samples. GND is happy to provide advice and source appropriate spec stickers, advice and labels from our trade suppliers.

dvd packaging

Afghan Community Project - various

As part of a broader campaign to produce resources for it's Afghan Community Project, SEMML commissioned GND to design and supply DVD reproduction and packaging. SEMML provided a DVD master file, and GND co-ordinated the actual DVD package production.


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